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Latest Images portfolio Some of my recent work
(Contains 14 photos)
Yosemite & California portfolio A fantastic holiday in February 2014 to this wonderful part of the USA.
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Nearer to Home portfolio All these photos were taken within easy reach of home. While the local area may not have the majesty of the Lakes, or beauty of our coast it still reveals itself in certain conditions (it's also easier to get myself out of bed in the morning when I only have a 5-10 minute drive to the location!).
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Seascape portfolio It isn't very easy to live in Britain and be further from the sea than my home town. I don't get many opportunities to visit the sea unless it is combined with a holiday, but when I do I always try to capture some good shots.
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National Parks portfolio Some of our most magnificent scenery, the national parks are national treasures. I never fail to marvel at the beauty all around these areas and take every opportunity to enjoy them.
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On a smaller scale portfolio Nature produces stunningly beautiful compositions. When I can't get out I will try my hand at some studio work and as a dutiful husband will often by my wife flowers (well I need some subject material, don't I?).
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Equine portfolio The relationship between people and horses is enduring and never ceases to fascinate me. These animals are magnificent, their grace and power is a never ending source of interest.
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Panoramic portfolio Images with a ratio of greater than 1:2. I've always had the belief that when we look at images we move our eyes horizontally. Panoramic images deliver a pleasing perspective. All of these images are stitched from multiple images.
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Svalbard portfolio Finally managed to arrange a visit to the frozen north and Svalbard in the Arctic Circle. This was the prize trip from winning the Lovers of Light Competition earlier this year. It really was a fantastic experience.
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Weston Park portfolio A small selection of images for my one-man Exhibiton in September 2016 at the Granary Gallery, Weston Park as part of the Capability Brown 300 celebrations
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Kat and Lee Edwards portfolio