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In the past I have often found it difficult to find the right words to describe my passion for photography. In recent months, particularly since joining Blipfoto and being supported and encouraged by this wonderful community of photographers, I have recognised what drives me to create images.

My passions for the outdoors is still as strong now as it was as a young boy. I marvel at the grand tapestry of the countryside. It offers an inexhaustible supply of views and opportunities for making images. I will often enjoy these by myself, though I also love to share these with family and friends. I particularly love the early morning, the new dawn, something recently described to me as the 'photon shower' that refreshes us after our night's slumber. At this time the previous day's influence has been swept away to reveal a new canvas. I am often the first person to witness this new day from my chosen location. It is a privilege I recognise and try to capture.

I hope you enjoy these offerings as much as I did making them.



The Start of the Exhibition
01st September 2016
My first ever exhibition has just opened at Weston Park, on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border. It is open daily from 11 am to 4 pm and is free to visit.
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One month to go
25th July 2016
An exhibition of my work, featuring images from a project to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Capability Brown's birth will take place between 1st and 29th September. The gallery is open daily between 11 am and 4 pm.
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Image Short listed for 2015 Lovers of Light Competition
19th March 2015
I'm surprised and delighted to report that one of my images 'Perton Ridge Sunrise' has been shortlisted for this year's Velux Lovers of Light International Competition.
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Arctic Adventure
08th September 2014
Just back from Svalbard which was the prize for winning the Velux Lovers of Light competition. A fantastic location and some adventurous goings on. If you'd like to read more I've created a small blog of the 5 days there. Just click here.
Lovers of Light Winner
28th March 2014
I'm delighted to let you know that the Judges of the Velux Lovers of Light Competition 2013 have selected my image of "Early Light, Newlands Wood" as the winner.
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Velux Lovers of Light Competition
23rd March 2014
One of my images has reached the final 10 in Velux's Lovers of Light Competition.
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Latest Images
(Contains 5 photos)
Some of my recent work
Yosemite & California
(Contains 14 photos)
A fantastic holiday in February 2014 to this wonderful part of the USA.
Nearer to Home
(Contains 63 photos)
All these photos were taken within easy reach of home. While the local area may not have the majesty of the Lakes, or beauty of our coast it still reveals itself in certain conditions (it's also easier to get myself out of bed in the morning when I only have a 5-10 minute drive to the location!).
Path to the Mount II Seascape
(Contains 12 photos)
It isn't very easy to live in Britain and be further from the sea than my home town. I don't get many opportunities to visit the sea unless it is combined with a holiday, but when I do I always try to capture some good shots.
National Parks
(Contains 52 photos)
Some of our most magnificent scenery, the national parks are national treasures. I never fail to marvel at the beauty all around these areas and take every opportunity to enjoy them.
On a smaller scale
(Contains 12 photos)
Nature produces stunningly beautiful compositions. When I can't get out I will try my hand at some studio work and as a dutiful husband will often by my wife flowers (well I need some subject material, don't I?).
Weston Horse Trials II Equine
(Contains 11 photos)
The relationship between people and horses is enduring and never ceases to fascinate me. These animals are magnificent, their grace and power is a never ending source of interest.
Porth Nanven Panoramic
(Contains 14 photos)
Images with a ratio of greater than 1:2. I've always had the belief that when we look at images we move our eyes horizontally. Panoramic images deliver a pleasing perspective. All of these images are stitched from multiple images.
Trygghammna Svalbard
(Contains 12 photos)
Finally managed to arrange a visit to the frozen north and Svalbard in the Arctic Circle. This was the prize trip from winning the Lovers of Light Competition earlier this year. It really was a fantastic experience.
Weston Park
(Contains 24 photos)
A small selection of images for my one-man Exhibiton in September 2016 at the Granary Gallery, Weston Park as part of the Capability Brown 300 celebrations
20170729KatLee-163-2 Kat and Lee Edwards
(Contains 62 photos)